You might wholesale nba jerseys often eat pizza, food-studded round dish with wholesale mlb jerseys different kinds of vegetables and the other originally from the state Itaila. Yes, pizza is so verry delicious.

However, do you ever feel the pizza Garut with cheap jerseys toping Dodol Garut? Tama Chocolate is now not merely to explore the world of chocolate, pizza world began encroached upon by presenting new products that are labeled ZADOL.

Zadol Pizza Topping dodol, a food with new flavors that cheap mlb jerseys need to be tested. In addition Zadol Tama Chocolate also provides other classic pizzas that we usually consume.

Products Pizza that Tama Chocolate had launched divided into two flavors:

Sweet Pizza
1. Pizza Manas (Sweet Pineapple)
2. Pizza doesn’t Masang (Sweet Banana)
3. Zadol (Pizza Topping Dodol)

Salty Pizza
1. Pizza R Asmoo were (Smoke Beef)
2. Pizza Assis Moo (Sossis Beef)
3. Pizza Astun (Tuna)
4. Pizza Embee


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    Selamat dan Sukses Gapura Indonesia

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    Semoga Sukses sll

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